Lapie Fashion Week 2021

2M students celebrate fashion their own way


Last night, I just imagined a style that people would love to wear in 2021 and I had the biggest idea of my life. Do you know the series that has brought the old style into 2021 called Bridgerton? If you don’t know it, you should watch it. The story takes place in the 18th century.

I found the perfect match, I went on every fashion blog and I found the style that everyone should wear!

This style is a mix of old and new styles and every generation should love it. I have selected an outfit but you can also just get inspired and do other ones. This is composed of a black corset, jeans, boots, a long white coat, and whites gloves.

I’ll start with the modern touch. First, the blue mom jeans are a piece that everyone should have in their dressing. It goes with everything. You can wear it with a basic top, a colored top, an oversize sweat… even if the mom style comes from the 50’s it also gives the major modern part because women were not allowed to wear pants. The second piece that goes a lot with it is the boots. I especially think that Dr.Martens would be the perfect match. It gives a modern thing to the military style. I found it so beautiful, I love them.

Antique elements are the long coat, gloves, and corset. First, the long white coat was used in the ’40s. I use it for the outfit because it gives a light side but stays covering. They are often expensive but it’s not a big problem because the other pieces of the outfit are not. Secondly, there are the white gloves, I think that if you can find them with lace it would be better. They were used in the ’50s. They are very elegant and it gives a freedom side. Finally, the corset. I think this is the masterpiece of the outfit. The black corset is also a bit hot, that is why it goes with the modern style. If you find a black corset with lace, I think you find the rare pearl. You can find corsets everywhere. They are not very expensive, it just depends on the quality of the material and the brand.


To conclude, my night has been energical but productive. Fashion is like all my life. All the pieces gives a difference. You can mix styles, you can imagine pieces, you can decide everything because the style that you decide to have to define who you are. I hope that you will love the style and don’t forget that fashion is not a thing, it’s a way to develop your originality and your imagination. I almost forget, happy fashion week!




Here is some inspiration from outfits I saw on some girls in the street that I think is trendy. A lot of clothes come back a lot but some of them are really killing it like wide jeans with sweats in winter and crop tops in summer. We also have a cozy style with joggers and hoodies or crop tops too.

Let’s start with an outfit you can wear to be confident in the street, not really original, you can choose simples wide-leg jeans or ripped jeans. Colors or white and black, you choose, try to show your style and be original! To complete the look, tote bags are trendy, colored or not.

A trendy top unicolored , colored or black and white jeans or with patterns

Then the cozy one that is also really trendy. You can wear it at home or outside, people think that you can’t wear joggers outside because they feel like you’re just out of your bed, but who cares, let’s get dressed our ways! Find your colors and your type of joggers that would highlight your assets.



This is an outfit that you can wear while being relaxed and classy and at the top of Fashion!

The blazer is a classic to have in your wardrobe: it is classy, ​​comfortable, and goes with everything.

These shoes are very elegant and bring a touch of originality with their heel in the shape of the brand logo

To complete the outfit, accessories are needed, including jewelry, bags, sunglasses,…

Here are some examples :


As this outfit shows up, the key to looking classy is to wear solid colors and no more than three!

Now that you have all the keys to being fashionable, you can create your own looks!


The Lapie fashion week takes place only once a year, so, to be original, I chose to create my own style, I called it: The elegant masterclass.

It aimed more at an audience in their thirties. As the thirties are between olds and youngs, this style is a blend between the old style (more serious) and the young style (more relaxed, more sporty)

It is composed of chino pants, for me, it shows the serious side. What is practical with this, is that you can put this with everything. No matter the color, it always looks serious.

About the tops, we should put on chino pants with a Ralph Lauren summer shirt (short sleeve) that we wear half-open.

Of course, as the shirt is half-open, we don’t stay shirtless. It would be better to wear a white tee-shirt or a white tank top (indeed, white is non-committing).


This association brings out the young and the relaxed side. It gives off good vibes.

Well, the choice of shoes is very complicated, actually, how to stay serious and be cool at the same time? To answer this problem, I chose the Alexander McQueen, which is sneakers (which look like Stan Smith) but which are more serious (because they have a bigger sole than Stan Smith).

To finish, we will add the accessories, about that I chose to wear a watch, with a leather bracelet, I think it is more elegant.


In the context of Fashion Week, I decided to see how clothing brands make their outfits for the parade. Adidas is a brand for which I feel a lot of love. So, I decided to go to the Adidas headquarters. They proposed me several styles but the most attractive one was the Adidas original. So, I wanted to see how they were going to create these outfits for this new Fashion Week. They came up with one very nice, original but so expensive ensemble. Especially, the shoes designed in collaboration with Kanye West.

For this purpose, they presented me their set that they created especially for me, they started with the shoes :

  • This is the Static Black Yeezy from Adidas, it’s the price is 800 euros, so expensive but simplicity is better.



A cargo oversized Adidas, basically but so nice.

Basic t-shirt Adidas, full black with the logo


they introduce 3 very nice accessories: a watch from Rolex a bob and a bag

Rolex Black Edition (35k euros) so expensive

the bob so sober



the bag, so nice


Adidas should impose itself on this Fashion Week, their style imposes itself compared to the deluxe brands, more affordable in terms of price,   then more sober.


Dressed to kill at Lapie Fashion Week

Every fashion week is different. Each capital has its identity. If Milan relies on exalted feminity, Paris chooses discreet elegance.

The key is to create a look that is simple in appearance but in reality very sophisticated. Be original without hesitating to reverse the trend. Fashion week is a marvelous time to show off your Street style and really capture the attention of students.

The way we dress reflects our style and creativity. To stand out, you have to focus on accessories. It’s time to get more popular!  Here are a few tips:

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Keep it casual: not trying to sound like someone else. So just go with the flow and try to be a bit more like you.

-Do not spend a fortune: If you want to wear a luxury brand, opt for a small round trip to Counterfeit Alley, but don’t tell.


-Accessories are important: Do not especially forget them !    Accessories embellish outfits. So get out your best hat, neckface and glasses.


-Dare the flashy shoes: To stand out opt for a casual but colorful pair of shoes.






It’s good, you’re finally ready for Lapie fashion week!


My « dream outfit »

I am a reporter at the Paul Lapie Fashion Week and when i was taking photos and a colleague asked me what was the « dream outfit » for me. I tought it was such a good idea that i decided to wrote an article about it.

I will go from the head to the toes and give you some of my pro tips to look fashionable.

For the hat it is optional but if you want to you can go with a black beanie.




for the jacket, you can take a Carhartt jacket without sleeves that will for sure look good on you




then for the shirt, you should always go with something basic but that will still look classy like a white oversized shirt with a logo on it.



for the pants, you can go with the classic dickies double knee in black. You should never go with those slim pants that look really bad.

finally for the shoes, you should go with some the match the rest of the outfit, you can go with some vans or some nike dunk low.

This is it if you follow my tips you will become the best looking guy among your friends




If you have to remember one word of the fashion week of the season autumn-winter 2021-2022, it is skiwear.

Indeed, the shows of many brands like Chanel and Mui Mui have displayed loose-padded outfits and soft and silky faux fur.

(image 1)

Otherwise, there is the fashion of oversize in which we find cargo (pants) and super-wide sweatshirts. This style is directly inspired by the style of the skateboarders indeed they put wide clothes to be at ease in their motions and their flips.




Another style has emerged, inspired by the 1960s. The mini skirt steals the show. With this look, brands like Louis Vuitton or Courrèges advise wearing half-high boots.

(Image 3)

To finish I will speak about the fashion of the integral Trico 2.0 seen in particular at Chloé, Altuzarra, or Jil Sander. Sweaters, plaids, pants, and other warm and cozy knits have been highlighted a lot by the media.

(Image 4 )

To conclude this Fashion Week will have gathered many different styles. But they almost one thing in common: the vintage




To help you choose your outfit, this article sums up what I consider a cool style.

First, basics 101: the hoodie. The hoodie may be the piece of clothing I prefer. It’s comfortable, stylish and not really expensive. Under this hoodie, a one-color tee-shirt in 100 percent cotton is just perfect.

Then for pants, I’m crazy about cargo pants, it’s comfortable (yes, I love comfort) and very convenient. For the cut to the pants, I choose a large cut but if you don’t know your size the best is to go to the shop to try all the cuts.

To go with the cargo pants, I recommend a pair of sneakers and particularly white ones. Personally, I strongly suggest a pair of air force ones, very stylish shoes.

To match this outfit, a watch is necessary. I don’t prefer a watch model in particular but Omega or Seiko are marks that make for beautiful watches.


Oversize Trend

I was walking with my sister in the streets of the capital of Fashion, Paris. I saw a woman who wearing oversize boyfriend blazer. I loved it! I immediately asked her where she got it, she replied that it could be found every where but she had bought it from Zara. I run to Zara and I noticed many oversize itens. So, I researched about this trend and I asked myself where it came from. Inspired by 80’s, oversize trend come back in 2021. Comfortable fashion agrees a lot of people. Oversize clothes if worn in the right way can also look just as chic and as the trandy as ones. This clothes were seen on the runway and collections and dresses were showcase by designers labels like Gucci, Balenciaga and Moschino. This trend, is more present in affordable stores.  In fact, oversize trend is aslo went  with the rise of urban fashion. We can find oversize hoodies and jeans. The oversize blazer in a must wear and we can pair it with a small bag. It’s the match heaven ! The mistake not to make is to associate only oversize itens.  To conclude, Oversize is making clothing comfortable and breaking all the fashion.


The Perfect outfit for Spring 2021

I was walking down the streets of rue de rivolis in Paris the other day when I saw a woman wearing a beautiful earth toned outfit so I thought I would try to recreate it and share it with you so that you would have the perfect spring outfit for this year.

The first item of this outfit is a gorgeous and affordable earth toned patchwork crop top from Shein. These types of t-shirts have been really trendy lately because the unique manner that the fabric is placed gives it its own identity. They also  encourage recycling in a fashionable way.

Following the earth theme that we are so used to see in the spring, these lovely Paralell jeans in rich brown will go perfectcly with this shirt because of their oversize look. The tints chocolat noir en cordon and sable are aslo great options if you want to follow this color palette.

These classic combat boots are perfect to break the delicateness of the crop top and the casualness of the oversized jeans. Doc Martens have known constant success for 7 decades now and this new generation already considers them as a must wear.

This oversized leather blazer from Arket will go perfectly with the docs and adds to the grunge aesthetic.

And to finalise this look, this pair of Marni window sunglasses in accetate that reminds us of the earth tones of the top and bottoms put this elegant and stilish outfit together.

Leo D.

2021 Lapie Fashion Week has started and here are some trendings you should follow… or not.

Menswear gives us a lot of beautiful suits and accessories: bucket hats, hoodies, and cross-body bags are some must-have products in 2021. They are simple but always trendy. You mustn’t wear these products with trousers, you should focus on sweatpants. Finally, sneakers are the best shoes with these clothes.

If you look for warm clothes, you should wear puffer jackets, fisherman beanies and turtle-neck sweaters: it fits well with youth culture and street style. Furthermore, these are solid values. Leather coats, striped sweaters and loafers are a bit old accessories, that’s why I advise you against these clothes.

Womenswear is also really complete, with great products like cropped cardigans, puff sleeve dresses, and flares pants. These clothes are popular among schoolgirls and are clearly trendy. Bandanas and croc baguette bags are also original accessories.


Finally, boiler suits, two-tone sneakers and candy-colored sweatpants are great clothes for women who like simplicity: obviously, you mustn’t wear tiger stripes suits.



This week it’s Fashion Lapie in high school! So I present below 2 outfits to absolutely have in your wardrobe for this year.

First look :

All in black! Black is the definition of classy and it’s timeless. Therefore a black outfit is essential!

High-Waisted Ripped Baggy Jeans: 23 €

SHEIN Contrast Stitch Asymmetrical Hem Cami Top: 5 €



Acrylic Frame Sunglasses: 5 €

Prada Cleo shoulder bag with flap: 1.700 €


Jordan 1 Retro Black White (2014): 545 €
Second look

Let’s go back to the ’80s with tennis skirts and vintage sweatshirts.

Sweat-shirt with letters : 12 €

SHEIN Bodycon Solid Body with Turtleneck: 5,99 €

Unicolor skirt: 10 €

Nike socks: 11,99 €

Nike Air Force One White / Pine Green: 120 €


What you cannot not wear this season!

Every year it’s the Lapie Fashion Week and this is what you must have in your wardrobe. And don’t be shy to try a new style or color. This fashion week is yours!

  • Let’s start with a cute pair of jeans. The wide-leg have replaced skinny jeans, we saw them in school, on social media, in the street, everywhere! If you haven’t bought yours yet then, what are you waiting for ?? THE + try a nice color like pastel yellow for more originality!
  • To follow, a nice crop top, really simple but really fashionable. THE + they really are not expensive at all! You can find some cool top for less than 6€ .



  • And now the classic white hoodie with a zipper for more style or practicality (as you want). It’s a simple way to be warm and stylish at the same time. THE + buy the one from Brandy Melville, SO comfortable and trendy!







  • Now for the shoes: a pair of converse is a must-have. White to complete the look but you can try any color of converse you want to fit your own style. THE  + buy the platform’s one if you want to be taller or just different.
  • Time for the bag, if you have an unlimited budget it’s the Prada bag you want for this look trust me! This baby blue is SO CHIC and THE + you wear it on the shoulder so no need for muscle even if you put you all life in it.

  • The cute touch as I like to call it is just two little barrettes for fun. It’s cute, it’s chic, it’s the little thing that can upgrade your entire outfit. THE + if you have 320€ to put on barrettes (lol) match them to the bag!


Thomas L.

What I would like to wear is very unclear and to be honest, I’m not really interested in the overall look of my outfit.

Nevertheless, if I myself had the means of dressing in some clothes that pleases me, it’ll probably be a formal look and no such thing as austere. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of my outfit is something that fits with my personality. I mean, not that I’m uptight of course, but I like to say that I am a quiet person. In that regard, I don’t like drawing too much attention over me, so that’s why I will go with a black leatherneck pullover along with a beige or grey overcoat. As such, I would add a brown flat cap or fedora, I don’t really know.

For the bottom, I would pair the top with grey trousers with black derby shoes. For the accessories now, I have to go with a watch on my right wrist alongside a scarf that fits my outfit. As I said, I’m not too difficult regarding fashion trends because mainly, I don’t care.

Sarah M.

I think fashion can be something very intriguing on so many levels. How trends come and go over the decades without fading away. Whether it is high fashion or ready to wear, there is always a story behind every piece of clothing.

Fashion is basically one of the biggest industries on the planet, which really shows how important it is in our lives. It is a way for people to express themselves, to show a part of their personalities through their appearance. Because obviously in our society, first impressions are a big deal considering that a lot of us will judge someone based on their looks.

This year, fashion trends can be described as diverse. We can find streetwear, vintage, or even classic outfits all over Paul Lapies corridors and schoolyard. Here is a little preview of the trendiest clothes we have seen over the past few months:

  • The oversized sweatshirt, streetwear, and smart casual (≈15$):

  • A pair of high waisted jeans, it can be baggy jeans, boyfriend jeans, or flared jeans (≈35$):

  • Some sneakers, Nike m2k Tekno and Nike air Jordan were some of the most popular this season (≈130$):


Fashion has always fascinated me, I like giving my opinion on the clothes people wear, the way they match them, it can be oversize or tight, it depends on how people want it to look on them.

I’m attentive down to the most minute detail but most of the people I see basically wear the same things, they are basic, the typical outfit a teenager would wear is everyone’s guess.

First of all, the inevitable sweater, usually oversize, then either the sweatpants or mom jeans (they were super popular in the ’90s and became trendy back again in 2020)

And the most important part of the outfit is the shoes, a cool pair of sneakers makes all the difference.

Lately, everyone has fallen for a pair of Jordans. These shoes became the most widely worn sneakers of all time, some of them are extremely expensive and out of reach for a majority of people. They became popular back in Michael Jordan’s heyday. For the youngest who have not had the chance to see him play, his name conjures up images of sneakers on which his silhouette always glides rising to the top: the « Air Jordan ». They became symbolic and everyone owns at least one pair of them.

This look is casual and comfortable, simplicity is the key to fashion, not overdoing it is really important, it gives a cheap look when people try to show off too many luxury brands in the same outfit.

The hardest part is putting together a good outfit is achieving the perfect match…just like Michael.


Today, I came to school and I saw a lot of different styles, but some are ubiquitous

-The wide-leg/ flare jeans have replaced mom jeans. Since the beginning of the school year, we have seen these pants every day and everywhere. (39,99€)

-The Cardigan, we saw this woolen especially in October/November but it’s still a star in the dressing actually. It comes in many colors but at this moment, it’s especially in pistachio green, lilac, purple or brown. (24,99€)

-The oversize sweatshirt is basic, we know it but it’s often worn with a turtleneck or a shirt collar. (19,99€)

-The zebra pattern is really trendy, we can see it on pants, on sweaters, or bags. (15,99€)

-Converse shoes have been around for a long time but they are still and always will. The brand has released a new model with a high platform that is really hip.

-A very fashionable hairstyle is a bun tied with a clip.



The Lapie fashion week has returned. Here is one perfect style, for Spring.


Spring style

Flame earrings are the central piece for a spring style, summer is coming and you have a super look.


Platform sandals are the most for spring, comfortable and light.

The sun is shining and you too, a red asymmetric top is perfect for the return of sunny days.



Spring can be hot, but it’s not totally summer, light pants (grey or white) are ideal to wear during this season, better if it’s bell-bottoms…




Every morning when I wake up, I put on my soft and comfortable Calvin Klein underpants.






I like simple clothes. So, I usually wear white or black plain T-shirts. I only use 100 percent cotton T-shirts because I have got the feeling that they are more comfortable.







I only wear jeans because I think it’s stylish. For the cut of your jeans, I advise you to try them in a shop but for my part, I wear a regular fit.

The sweat-shirt is one of the things I prefer in clothes because it has always been the clothing that has inspired me the most and which gave me the most desire.  The color I prefer is burgundy red because I find that it is a color that looks well on clothes. And I especially like Nike sweat.

When it’s a little cold I wear a navy blue down jacket because it’s lightweight and space-saving. On the other hand, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality because it wears off quickly.


                                              I like shoes but I usually choose simple pairs because I like when it matches with different outfits. I like the Nike air force 1 because I found them simple and efficient but the fact that the shoes are white makes me reluctant to buy them because they must get dirty very quickly. Otherwise, I like the Adidas Ultra Boost because they are comfortable.


I like a nice watch because I find it very classy. The Omega Moon is the watch of my dream.

Léo T.

Today is the opening day of the Lapie Fashion Week, during this day many models will walk along the catwalk in front of countless journalists and photographs.

This year, I expect new and originals outfits. For that, I await elegant shoes like the Air Force One with an energetic cargo pant. To complete this outfit, I think of a simple top, like this blue t-shirt with a black cap to remember our century. Maybe some will find it terrible, but personally, I find this outfit wonderful for just 40€.

After that, people are waiting for an actual women’s outfit, elegant, beautiful and that’s remindful of the last century. I begin with yellow high waist pants, a grey turtleneck and to finish, maybe black high heels. To complete this magnificent outfit, a Yves-St Laurent bag must be worn by the model. This outfit will cost 1 305€ because of the cost of the bag.

For me, there’s just one set that will be forbidden during this week: sandals with socks. In fact, it’s comfortable, but it’s also ugly! It’s not a style to the Lapie Fashion Week; I think it’s more appropriate to go to a shop.

So, I think all models will be beautiful and fashionable!





In our society, fashion trends are very important and what you wear defines you.
Let’s review recent trends.

Let’s start from the bottom: legs. As you know, showing legs is more and more trending. If you have a long-leg silhouette, mini-skirts and shorts are very popular.


Puff Sleeve tops are very popular combining very well with faded jeans.


In the current context, masks are omnipresent. But when it comes to protecting yourself, you may as well do it beautifully. Sleek black face masks, match almost any outfit you wear and they offer great coverage for your nose and mouth.


Oh, we almost forgot shoes. Currently, black ankle boots or their opposite white knee-high boots are very drip. The black ones give you some rebellious look while the other gives you a fancy look.



For the accessories we recommend you bag with fringing, the over-the-top design is sure to turn some heads and keep you feeling chic. For a classic feel, choose dark hues like brown or black, but if you want to stand out from the others, take a dip into bold shades like red or green. If you’re ready to shake up your go-to style, this is the item to pick!


And that’s all folks for today, thanks for reading!


Let’s start with women’s trends, the demand for sweatpants is really strong this year, once we feel comfortable, it’s difficult to go outside. The current trend is to take a bucket hat rather than a baseball cap. All designers and retailers taking cues from the tractor-inspired boots, under a long dress or with a super-short skirt, it’s among the current fashion trends worth the investment. The shackets, a hybrid of shirt and jacket, are among the current fashion trends you can wear any time and any time. They look great with sweatpants or turtlenecks.

Now with men, the statement puffer is the jacket that provides warmth without weighing you down, making them perfect for layering in extreme cold. Keep your noggin toasty warm and do it in style with this season’s hottest headwear. The humble fisherman beanie provides superior comfort while looking sleek. Keep your belongings safe and sound with a super stylish crossbody bag. Whether it be a messenger-style or something small and neat, these are a great way to secure your stuff and do it fashionably. Make the world your runway with these two-strap slides. Unlike traditional footwear, these shoes offer double support and look extra cool as you walk down the street.




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